Knitted scoop neck sweater

Straying from sewing again…we’ve had a big cold snap this week, so I got to wear this sweater I knitted last year.

It’s a super soft cashmere blend and I love it. I knitted it from a the Scoop Neck Sweater pattern in Interweave Knits (a 2009 issue, I think).

As much as I love the way it looked as designed (and as much as I LOVE the styling) I just can’t do short sleeve sweaters. If I’m cold enough to wear a sweater, I need at least 3/4 sleeves. So in addition to changing the yarn, I added long sleeves.

And then since I changed the yarn, I found the sweater was drapier than the original. So I added a sewn in elastic band under the bust, to help it keep its shape.

I found this great t-shirt I wear under it on a random thrift store browse. It was meant to go with this sweater, don’t you think?

Update: Alas, this sweater is no longer. Find out what happened here. 

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  1. Ruth says

    Wow~This sweater is amazing. You did such an awesome job. I have never been brave enough to try a sweater. Maybe someday. The shirt underneath is just perfect.

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