Tulle ruffle skirt

There is so much cute tulle everywhere right now, and I’m too old to wear a tutu. So this is how I decided to incorporate it into a look for me.

And here’s how I made it. I bought 1 yd of sparkle tulle, and cut it into 8 inch wide strips. I sewed the strips (6 of them) end to end.

Then I folded the strip in half, long sides together, seams inside, and sewed very close to the raw edge.

Then I opened this up so that the seam ran down the center of the tulle tube

I ran this through my ruffler attachment twice, trying to keep my stitching close to the center seam and ended up with just under 2 yards of ruffle

I sewed this onto the bottom of the A-line linen skirt I made

Then I hand stitched this purchased trim over the center

And finished

Though I like it a lot, I think if I do another one that’s at all similar I’m going to do more of a pencil shaped skirt.

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  1. Jeanna says

    Your skirt and top are so cute! I love it! Great tutorial on how to add the tule ruffle. I think I really need to add some tule to some of my clothes now.

    Jeanna @ dramaqueenseams.blogspot.com

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