Ruffled corset t-shirt

Recently, I had a small obsession with The Band Perry’s “If I Die Young”. So I headed on over to YouTube to watch the video, and discovered another of their videos

While I don’t love this song as much as the first one, I love, Love, LOVE the outfit the lead singer is wearing. A ruffled corset! And a flamenco inspired skirt (which shall be my next project, when I’m done with KCWC)

And, it just so happens that I’ve done a lot of corset making in my time; I went through a phase of directing period plays and had to have authentic costumes, which I then of course had to sew. But, where could a teacher with two small kids and a Hubby who is home just long enough to do photo shoots wear a ruffled corset? I mean, it’s definitely out of dress code. So I decided to take the shape and the ruffles and make a t-shirt instead.

I found these t-shirts on sale for only $1.74 each! So I bought 4. I used 2 1/2 for this shirt.

First, I squared off the neckline, which shall be the subject of an upcoming tutorial, because it would make this one too long.

Then, I cut the bottom of the shirt like so in front to get that corset-like shape:

And in the back I rounded it off like so:

Then I slit the shirt up the sides.

I cut a bunch of 2 inch wide strips out of the other shirts, and followed this basic idea/tutorial from Tea Rose Home, but took the ruffles all the way across the shirt and bunched them close together.

Then I sewed the sides back up very tightly – with this much weight on you, you want to make sure this is fitted. 

Finally, I tea dyed the shirt so it wasn’t so bright white. Just some Liptons in my sink.

And here it is:

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  1. Amy says

    This is fabulous, what a clever idea! I’ll be adding this to my inspiration file!! Found you on COM’s link party and I’m your newest follower. :)

  2. Jilly says

    Shirt work is superb and It is best for inspiration for beginners. This is so cool. Will be trying it with all my old shirts! Thanks so much for sharing, Great job to share it with us.
    rc planes

  3. says

    Hi Melissa I just found your site thru Sew Many Ways’ linky party via the “monogram” thread holder which is adorable!! Then saw this top and had to check it out! It is soooo cute!!! You did a great job! I was thinking about what t-shirts I have and pictured maybe a black t-shirt for the base, then different colors/designs for each of the ruffles – it would look so good w/jeans! Unfortunately, one would end up with a lot of t-shirts with 2″ inches off of them, unless one collaborated w/friends!rofl Anyway, looove this! TFS!

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